Success Stories

Building A Better America One Body At A Time

John Polito

john-before john-afterI was 44 and hadn’t legitimately exercised in over 20 years. My friends refer to this stage of my life as “John 1.0″. My weight creeped up on me and my fitness level slowly fell to an unimaginable low. One day I ran up a flight of stairs to get my jacket, and at the top of the stairs I had to stop and catch my breath for about 30 seconds before I could continue. Over the years I had wanted to lose weight, and had numerous failed attempts to exercise on my own.

I had two basic problems. First, I viewed working out as a vanity project. I would tell myself, “I don’t really need to work out because people like me for who I am. Sure, I want to work out so I can look better and do all that healthy jibber-jabber people talk about, but in the end I have great friends and generally enjoy myself… fitness, schmitness, I’ll get around to it one day, I got other stuff I gotta do right now.”

Secondly, I didn’t know how to work out or stay motivated. I figured if I bought Perfect Pushups my pushups would be, well, perfect! Total gym was definitely a “total gym”, and Chuck Norris makes it look so easy to be fit. Christie Brinkley, now there’s some motivation! Fitness DVDs, just watch a video for 20 minutes a day and voila! Of course, as soon as any of it got hard and I had the smallest of excuses or distractions, it was off to Trader Joe’s to get some healthy yogurt pretzels.

Enter “John 2.0” It was a book that finally flipped a switch in my head and gave me a real motivation to work out. It explained how our bodies are designed to store fat and shed muscle mass when we’re sedentary so we can survive famines and long winters. When it’s time to hunt and gather, our bodies can build muscle and improve our immune system simply by “hard work”. It’s a use it or lose it scenario, and as we get older the hormones that cause atrophy increase. Exercise is the hard work we need to keep our bodies strong, fit, and healthy. Our bodies are very adaptable, and the book explained that we can live a much higher quality of life long into our golden years if we put in the exercise needed. Exercise finally made sense to me, and I was motivated to invest in my future enjoyment of life by achieving and maintaining fitness.

I still didn’t know how to get fit, and knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Driving by Taix Studio one day I saw the banner “Extreme Bootcamp Orientation this Saturday, 8am”. That was it, I was ready to commit. Orientation was a huge eye-opener. I “tested in” and was delighted to find out I could do 10 whole pushups, 14 sit-ups, and “run” a mile in under 15 minutes! My arms and legs were sore the rest of the weekend, but what else could I expect from such a valiant effort.
Monday morning, 6am, I was able to fake a few of the exercises during the warm up so that people thought I was one of the gang. Then, off for a quick run. I jogged a block and a half before I had to stop, completely exhausted, and walk the rest of the way. But, the boot camp instructors were very supportive. They encouraged without intimidating, and motivated without humiliating. They knew I had a very long way to go, and made me feel like I could get there, one small step at a time.

My fellow boot campers were also very encouraging. One in particular could see that I was struggling and told me that if I just do the best I can and keep showing up, I’d see results. He was right on; after 6 weeks I doubled my pushups, more than doubled my sit-ups, and took more than a minute off my mile. Going through a tough fitness program with others builds a camaraderie that makes class fun and instills accountability. “Have a nice day. See you tomorrow!” someone would say. “Uhh, yeah, ummm, sure. See you tomorrow?” I would reply. And really, it worked! I’ve stuck with it for 6 years now. Wow, six years. In that time I’ve steadily increased my fitness level to the point that I can do 85 push-ups, 90+ sit-ups, and run a mile just under 8 minutes. I went from being barely able to run a block and a half, to completing 2 half marathons.

I have also learned how to eat healthier, and the combined effort of diet and exercise has enabled me to lose about 50 pounds to become “John 3.0”. John 2.0 exercised every day, but still ate large quantities of sugar. Instructor James told me “You can’t outrun your diet.” My trainer, Christina, kept me honest and helped me stay on track. I am enjoying my new lifestyle. Even though my motivation was to invest in my future, it’s made profound differences in my everyday life. I have much more energy, can focus better, have significantly lowered my stress levels, increased my confidence, and have been told I look 15 years younger than I am. My doctor recently said my heart is as healthy as a teenager, and I’ve noticed that my immune system is more resilient than it was before I started boot camp. Consistency is key, and the key is making it a part of my daily routine just like brushing my teeth.

I am forever grateful to Linda and her Extreme Boot Camp team. Through their efforts and mine, not only am I certain I’ve sidestepped at least one mental breakdown, but I feel younger, healthier, and am enjoying life more than I ever did. I have also met some great friends through bootcamp, and I look forward to enjoying my 3.0 lifestyle far into the future.

Thank you, Extreme Bootcamp!

Jamie Cripe

Jamie-CripeI started my weight loss journey at 183 pounds, I looked for a way to not only lose weight, but to get into shape, and change my life forever- in a positive way. I knew this would be difficult since I have a husband, two daughters, two dogs, and run my own business. However, I knew I had to do it for me. I began exercising regularly and watching what I ate. Then I hit a plateau at 171 pounds and needed a way to punch through this barrier and reach my goal.

Extreme Boot Camp® was the answer. My dad used Extreme Boot Camp® to lose over 100 pounds and bragged about the program and its instructor’s. Unfortunately, his life was cut tragically short but, I new that I could follow in his footsteps and continue to carry the torch in his honor. I joined Extreme Boot Camp® in April 2014, with the goal of losing 21 pounds. Extreme Boot Camp’s approach of both physical fitness and diet analysis was exactly what I needed. Extreme Boot Camp® has become not only the place that I go to workout, but it is where I can be with my new friends and fitness family. The instructor’s are amazing and push you to your max so you will get the results that you deserve. Every day while you workout, an instructor is reviewing your journal of food intake and gives you input on how to improve your diet to get the maximized weight loss. With the Instructor’s encouragement and guidance, I am proud to announce I have reached my goal and I feel better then I have in over 10 years. I have earned the “GI Jane” award twice and I know that my dad is watching over me and is proud of my progress and accomplishments. I have lost a total of 26 pounds, 7.8% body fat, and a total of 17.5 inches. I will continue with my Extreme Boot Camp® journey because it has made me a happier, healthier, and a thinner person. I look forward to it every morning.


jodi_c“I joined Extreme Boot Camp™ to help me lose weight and strengthen my overall fitness. I am 41 years old, a wife, mother of three boys (17,14, & 8), and a business owner. I started jogging about six months ago to lose weight and get in shape. Due to my busy workweek schedule, I only had time to exercise on the weekends. I enjoy running but did not have the strength I wanted. I started running in a group on the weekends, but didn’t feel I was reaching my full potential. I knew I had to make a commitment to improve my fitness level. I thought I was in shape until I started Extreme Boot Camp™ (EBC). With EBC, and the strict nutritional plan they provided me (the right food groups), I lost weight, inches and improved my overall health and fitness level. In just six weeks, you will see results if you stick to it and commit. I feel better than ever and want to take myself to my next fitness level. I ran my first 10k after 5 weeks of EBC and did great because of my new fitness level. Thanks to Extreme Boot Camp™ and all the instructors for their great workouts and support! “

Jodi had only 2 goals, to lose 10 lbs. and increase her overall fitness level. After following the guidelines provided by EBC, we are pleased to report that not only did she meet her goals, but exceeded them. Beginning with a weight loss of 14lbs., Jodi’s body fat percentage dropped by 8%, and her body mass index dropped 1.5%. Not only did her level of fitness increase, but she starting losing weight in all the desired areas as well, beginning with her waist which lost 3 1⁄2 inches resulting in a 15% loss. Jodi lost another 10 inches on her buttocks and hips. Overall, Jodi lost a total of 17 1⁄4” from her body.

And now, Jodi doesn’t have to hide behind her husband any longer.


tosca_baEven models need to shape up!

Extreme Boot Camp™ is absolutely amazing!! I have gotten better results with them in 6 weeks than I have with all the diet and exercise programs I’ve tried over the years.

One of the first things I noticed when I started their program is how much they care. It’s such a positive atmosphere and they really go extra mile to help you achieve your fitness goals. I was pushed harder, by their wonderful trainers, than I could have ever pushed myself.

Now, I feel so much more confident and healthy. Extreme Boot Camp™ not only helped me get in shape, they taught me healthier eating and exercise habits so that I can keep in shape.

Thank you so much for all your support. I love my new Boot Camp body!


fluhr_baIn July, 2005, I discovered Linda’s Extreme Boot Camp™ in La Canada, and figured I’d give it a try. Having been athletic when I was younger, I thought it would be a good way to get back into exercise. Little did I know that it would change my life completely around.

I was nervous, not knowing anyone when I first showed up. But, I soon began to see that I was certainly not alone in my goals. Getting started was the hardest part, but I soon realized that being up at 5am and being with a large group of people was FUN. I started to get results. The trainers pushed us as hard as we would let them, always feeling controlled, and safe from reckless injury. In my first Boot Camp, I lost 17 lbs, and reached my goal weight and fitness level. I enjoyed it. Since then, I have kept it up for every 6 week session.

During this past year, I saw several people come through Boot Camp with the goal of running a marathon. Having grown up in a family with two older siblings who have run NY and Boston several times, I never really seriously thought I could ever participate in one, much less finish. However, I made a goal for myself, and said that I would try to run a marathon in my 50th year. I used Boot Camp, and a serious training regimen for 4 months to get ready for the race. I surrounded myself with people who supported me, good smart training, and the experience of Boot Camp to keep me going, I ran the LA Marathon this past March, and finished. When the going got tough at mile 22, and my legs seized up in cramps, all I could think about was Michigan Hill, and the uphill LUNGES we do over and over again. And THAT kept me going forward one foot in front of the other, until I got my last wind at mile 25. It was an incredible experience, and one I will never forget.

Being back at Boot Camp now, I am inclined to work towards the SHORTER races! But, it is something that meant a lot to me, and I thank Linda, and all the trainers and friends for helping me.


larsp“When I was first invited to participate in 3 week trek in Nepal to Mt. Everest base camp, I thought, “How in the world am I going to get in shape for this? Then I thought of Extreme Boot Camp. After 7 weeks I was ready to go. As a result of my training, I was as well-prepared as anyone, and completed the trek without any problems!”


andrew_baMy before photo was taken July 19th, I’d just turned 44, and weighed 279 lbs. with a 50″ waist. I look anxious because I have to make a major break with the past. Last Sept. I got whooping cough and lost 15 lbs. and every scrap of muscle in 12 weeks. I was exhausted, and deeply depressed. Then I gained 33 lbs of pure fat and maxed out at 293 lbs.

When I started Extreme Boot Camp™ my modest goal was to reach 255 lbs. by Dec. 1st. The after photo is Nov. 25, I weighed 225 lbs, 54 lbs. lighter and much happier. Thanks to Linda’s incredible program, my life has completely changed for the better. I started in terrible shape, barely able to do a couple of pushups or run 100 yds. Now I comfortably run 6 mi. without stopping. My 50″ waist is now 40″ and still shrinking. I still dine out with my wife and friends several times a week, but make better choices. Extreme Boot Camp™ is not about starvation, deprivation, supplements or gimmicks of any kind.

Today marks the completion of my third Boot Camp, and it just keeps getting better. I’m still gaining strength, losing weight, and my endurance is the best it has ever been. Part of what makes Extreme Boot Camp™ so much fun is the constantly changing locations, and the way Linda varies the workouts from day to day, and week to week. And the instructors are the best! They each contribute their own specialty, whether it’s running, aerobics, yoga, weight and resistance training, even some martial arts moves. Each of the 6 to 7 instructors brings something unique to every class, and they’re all committed to your progress.

With the skills I’ve learned from Linda and her staff, I’m certain I could go anywhere and stay healthy and fit forever. But I’ll be at Extreme Boot Camp™ every morning as long as I can. Extreme Boot Camp™ has not only allowed me to exceed all my old goals, it’s changed my concept of what’s achievable.

And don’t be scared by the name, Extreme Boot Camp™. It’s the happiest, most joyful, friendly, supportive environment I’ve ever seen, with women and men of all ages and ability levels having fun, and getting strong and fit together.


Manny-Before-AfterIn October 2011, I signed up with Extreme Boot Camp out of desperation. I was growing more and more depressed with my many failed attempts at dieting, and my weight had just crossed the 300lb limit of my bathroom scale. I knew that I needed a drastic change in my life and that in order to achieve this I would need to hand the reins over to experts, and Extreme Boot Camp promised accountability. On my first day I was just about ready to break down crying when I realized I couldn’t run beyond a quarter mile. I felt defeated and planned on not returning to Boot Camp the following morning. Motivated by the instructors and their unwavering faith in me, I returned for a second day, then a third, and so on. I took it one day at a time. Until eventually it started to become a routine and I got to know my classmates who cheered me on and provided support. By this point, it was no longer just about me. I couldn’t give up on myself because I felt like I would be giving up on my classmates.

So at the conclusion of my first six-week session, I had lost pounds, lost inches off my waist, felt athletic, and made new friends. For the first time in my life I found myself with a renewed sense of self-worth and hopeful that I was finally entering a new stage in my life. So I signed up for more, and more, and more. In fact, I’m still here early in the mornings working out with a wonderful group of people and in the beautiful surroundings of La Cañada-Flintridge. The workouts are tough, but I can’t think of a better way to start my days. It’s true what they say, this is “the toughest workout you’ll ever love.”

I have so far lost 90 pounds, but the weight-loss has now become secondary to the many other things that have changed in my life. This has changed my life from that of a depressed misanthrope to someone who now loves making new friends and is happier than I’ve ever been. It’s hard even for me to believe that less than two years ago I couldn’t even run a quarter mile without feeling like I was going to faint, and now I’ve developed an addiction for running and train for full marathons. I would have been the first to laugh had someone told me two years ago that in less than two years I’d weigh almost 100 pounds less and be running 26.2-mile-races.


alan_wI’ve lost 15 pounds so far and it’s changing my life! I’m loving every second of Extreme Boot Camp.



kelly_baIn 2003 I weighed 210 and I could no longer look at myself in the mirror. My grandmother had just turned 90 and I thought to myself – what if I live for another 50 years? Is it possible to go that long without looking in the mirror?

I’d always been a stocky kid and grew up to be a stocky adult. I tried all kinds of diets, however, consoled myself with food, ironically. Add a few failed relationships plus a poorly performing business and voila – 210 pounds! I just kept trying to fill the holes in my life with food, and I was very rarely happy.

Since I’d just moved to Glendale from Seattle I didn’t know my way around the local fitness scene. My folks saw an ad in the paper for Extreme Boot Camp™ and gave me the phone number. “I’m a little out of shape,” I confessed when I called. Linda Taix cheerfully assured me that although I’d missed the orientation session I could come to the first class and there I would find folks of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I wouldn’t need special gear – I could just come as I was. What a relief!

So, with much fear and the conviction that I was about to be publicly humiliated – I showed up at 6:00am. It was a beautiful morning and Instructor David Knox was very, very nice. Sure I was sweating and flushed – but David came over to check on me and sent Instructor JC to hold down my feet when I made feeble attempts at sit-ups although managing a few.

Nobody laughed at me or my size, my boot camp-mates were friendly and encouraging and everybody was dedicated to doing the drills to their best ability. I made some friendships during that first boot camp that I cherish to this day, nearly three years later.

Thanks to their help, encouragement and practical approach to fitness and exercise I began to loose weight. I enrolled in three boot camps back-to-back, I liked it so much. Loved meeting the other ‘campers’, loved being outside early in the morning, loved the payoff I began to see.

Without the Extreme Boot Camp™ staff’s optimism and reassurance, their kind words and the occasional “drop and give me 20 push-ups” when I started to slack off – I would not be where I am today.

My life is very different from the old, ‘heavy’ days. My friends from Seattle don’t recognize me when I greet them at the airport, and for the first time in my life – I am happy. Feels like my life is just beginning at 42!


joe_baRoughly 3 years ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident where each day there was a concern if I would have permanent damage and limited movement of one of my legs. The healing process lasted for almost 6 months and included physical therapy that redefined my understanding of pain. I began to gain weight. With the increased weight gain came a reduction of self-esteem fostering the continuance of a downward spiral of a sedimentary lifestyle and a fast-food diet. Yeah, the weight poured on. After 2 _ years I finally got to a point where my blood pressure was very high, I had no energy and I was almost 260 lbs. Something had to change. I must have gone to the Extreme Boot Camp™ website 100 times. Each time knowing it would be the change I needed but had a fear of what would happen and what they did during Boot Camp.

I made the call and signed up.

Every instructor made me feel at ease during our initial testing and I began to understand that with the exercise, diet would be a very important factor for losing weight. I knew if I had to watch every calorie and measure food that I wouldn’t follow the plan but found that I need to change the way and how I ate rather than measure the caloric intake. Works for me.

Now it is a challenge and now I see it is a tailored challenge for each level of ability so you do have to work and they will see when you are not giving your best but the benefits are well worth it. After my 4th Boot Camp I have lost over 49 lbs, more than doubled my initial pushups, almost tripled my sit-ups and cut the time off my mile by over 4 minutes. I now play competitive tennis, ran my first 5k, train for a mini triathlon and have met some of the most supportive people since moving to Los Angeles. I am in the best shape since I was 17 and wrestling.

My initial and current goal is to try to make every class no matter how much I want to sleep and to do one thing better each class.

If you are contemplating this, you owe it to yourself to do it. This has become a very important part of my life and now I don’t feel the same without my morning 8 count push-ups. If you want to talk about what you can expect and how positive I feel the experience has been you can always e-mail me at Jalma_us@yahoo .com.

Linda and all my instructors, I can’t thank you enough.


kelly_w_crop“Nine months ago I would have struggled hiking up the steepest section of the Great Wall of China. Aside from the physical changes, my stamina and energy levels have improved significantly after joining Extreme Boot Camp.

Much thanks for improving the quality of my life.”


case_kelly“Case G. and Kelly A. are just two of our many success stories at Extreme Boot Camp. These ladies have achieved a total combined weight loss of 40 pounds! A picture tells a thousand words… we’re very proud of our booters!”


todd_tedd_chrisTodd G., Ted S. and Chris M. on top of 12,400 foot New Army Pass in the Sierra’s. Carrying 50 pound backpacks for 12 hours a day at high elevation is very challenging. “The training and conditioning from Extreme Boot Camp has really helped our fitness level and has prepared us well to do these hikes.”


marla_t“I’ve lost pounds and inches and gained strength, energy and made new friends, I love Extreme Boot Camp.”



chapmans_baDebbie and I have been married for over 27 years. We pretty much do everything together. We gain weight together, we lose weight together, and we gain the weight back together. Our lives have been a yoyo. Both of us had reached our highest weight, Craig approaching 300 pounds and Debbie getting up there (a woman never tells her weight). Our lives were spinning out of control and we had pretty much given up. We knew we needed to implement a diet program and start some form of exercise, but we just were not very motivated to stay with any one thing. Then it happened! I was online looking at a retirement and planning website when I came across a life expectancy calculator. I answered the questions and was shocked with the results. Debbie finally said that we needed an intervention. She wanted me to look up Extreme Boot Camp™. The word “Extreme” was a little frightening, but being a good husband I typed it in and we checked it out. We were reading thru the testimonials and started to get excited. We then started looking at the trainers and I could not believe it, one of the personal trainers was one of my grammar school friends. He was my age and looked great. We went down and signed-up for the next session.

Our 21-year-old daughter, Melissa, decided to join the program with us. She had been a club swimmer for years and after graduating from high school, she stopped working out but continued to eat and ended up gaining weight. She joined a gym, but like so many others she ended up paying for a membership that she did not use.

What we like about Extreme Boot Camp™ vs. the gym is that there is accountability. The instructors take attendance, review your food journals, challenge you to give it your all, and introduce exercises that we would never have thought of.

The Chapman family has completed two 6-week sessions so far. We are extremely excited about the results. Debbie and I have lost a combined total of 38 pounds and 36 inches (that is one yard by the way). Melissa has lost seven inches off of her hips alone. I went back to the life expectancy calculator and changed three of my original answers. I put in my goal weight, the number of times I am exercising, and changed the type of foods I am eating to low fat. The results were amazing; I increased my remaining life expectancy by 50%. I truly believe that a combination of exercise and proper diet cannot only prolong our lives but give us a better quality of life as well. We can honestly say this is one to the best decisions we have ever made.

Between the extreme boot camp classes our daughter takes and the beginner’s class that Debbie and I attend, Extreme Boot Camp™ has something to offer to all ages no matter what shape you are in.

The Chapman family has completed two 6-week sessions so far. We are extremely excited about the results. Debbie and I have lost a combined total of 38 pounds and 36 inches. Melissa has lost seven inches off of her hips alone. I went back to the life expectancy calculator and the results were amazing; I increased my remaining life expectancy by 50%. We can honestly say this is one to the best decisions we have ever made.

Between the extreme boot camp classes our daughter takes and the beginner’s class that Debbie and I attend, Extreme Boot Camp™ has something to offer to all ages no matter what shape you are in.


doug_baIt was on April 8th 2006, when my life changed. I was a 250 lb. 49 year-old man who had struggled with weight most of my life. Every year, with good intentions I made a resolution to drop that ‘extra baggage.’ But nothing ever really worked– workout tapes were repetitive and gyms proved to be an isolated bored. Then, my wife saw an ad for “Extreme Boot Camp ™,” a six-week, intense, military-based fitness program, and she convinced me to give it a shot.

Well 9 months later, I’m floored with the results. I’ve lost 40 lbs. and a total of 25 inches, dropped 6% body fat, and went from a 10:54 mile run to a 7:15. And there are other benefits– my legs don’t go numb from standing, I don’t snore anymore, I lowered my LDL cholesterol 35 points and my self-esteem is through the roof.

Making the decision to join “Extreme Boot Camp™” was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now don’t kid yourself, Boot Camp takes a commitment like no other. But Linda Taix has created a program that has great variety and is always challenging at whatever your own fitness level may be. She has great instructors who make sure your form is good, while having fun cracking corny jokes. But the most fun is the camaraderie that develops during the whole process— fellow boot campers are always there giving support and encouragement— real friends that just happen to be sweaty.

So here’s to Linda Taix, to “The Extreme Boot Camp™” instructors, to my friends in the 5:30 a.m. Extreme class, and to my wife Victoria for being on ‘Team Doug’ and giving me the opportunity to be healthy and happy.

Here’s to being Fit, Fabulous and 50!