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Mission Success

bandsExtreme Boot Camp® is different. It’s hard. It’s demanding. And it’s fun. Using supportive and motivational routines, our team of highly-trained former military personnel and expert certified personal trainers will lead you through an intense six-week outdoor fitness program designed to put you in the best shape of your life.

It starts with documented “Before” evaluations to gauge your shape when you start (so you can see how much you’ve achieved when you finish!). You’ll be surrounded by our supportive instructors and other team members who, just like you, want to make dramatic changes in their physical and mental well-being. At Extreme Boot Camp®, we will challenge you to push yourself to reach new fitness levels—and we promise you’ll have fun doing it!

Extreme Boot Camp® has been designed with safe and effective exercises, stressing proper form, technique, and safety. Our expert staff puts your health and fitness first, and will be happy to modify your workouts so that any pre-existing injuries don’t prevent you from attaining your goals now.

What to Expect

This is your pre-Boot Camp orientation, in which you’ll meet with one of our friendly drill instructors, as they answer your questions, and evaluate you to determine which level of training is best for you. At your orientation, you can expect:

Physical testing:

  • Strengthening test
  • Endurance test

Body assessment testing:

  • Recording weight, measurements, and body fat index

Taking your “Before” photos

You’ll receive your Mess Log/Survival Guide for $10 when you sign up

Your test results are used to place you in an appropriate squad, from Beginner to Advanced.

We encourage you to participate in one of our Technical Classes to learn correct form, and best prepare you for your Extreme Boot Camp® experience.


What you’ll need

  • Running shoes
  • Exercise mat
  • Weightlifting gloves (optional)
  • Pair of 5-10 lb. dumbbells
  • Jump rope (not for Beginners Boot Camp)
  • Water
  • Layered attire for the outdoors

What to expect

successA typical day at Extreme Boot Camp®Similar to a real boot camp, each day is different extreme fitness program, designed to work on various areas of the body and spirit to improve your overall health. The outdoor training can include one or all of the following techniques:

  • Static and rhythmic stretching
  • Running /walking
  • Military exercise drills
  • Stair climbing
  • Calisthenics
  • Resistance training
  • Obstacle courses
  • Track speed training
  • Plyometrics (speed/strength training drills)
  • Steep hill drills (for the more advanced)
  • Gravity-defying glute exercises and thigh-strengthening moves (ladies)
  • Power yoga
  • Mat palates
  • Free weight exercises
  • Bands/tubes or Body Bars
  • Ab and all-around core training
  • Agility and power drills
  • Partner drills
  • Jumping Rope
  • Kettle Bell exercises
  • Medicine Bell exercises